Get clear insight into your current lighting system with a lighting audit from Walsh Electric in Colchester. Learn how energy efficiency can be improved, and the benefits your organization might gain from a more efficient lighting setup. Our evaluations cover various levels of detail, and can accommodate all types of buildings. From basic calculations of the difference that new lighting would make in terms of carbon emissions, to highly detailed audits and surveys, the experts at Walsh Electric Supply will determine which type of installation is best for the job.

Typical projects show an ROI in 5 years or less!*

We currently offer discount pricing through incentives from Efficiency Vermont and Burlington Electric Department’s SMARTLIGHT Incentives. These programs are available for both Vermont residential and commercial customers in order to extend discounted pricing and rebates on eligible LED products available through Efficiency Vermont’s efficiency programs. Offer available while supplies last. Maximum purchase of 12 lamps per transaction for residential customers, or 250 lamps per customer for commercial customer.

* Results may vary depending on scale and type of project.

Start maximizing your energy efficiency today.